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Site Safety Training (SST) Signs

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Beginning October 14, 2019, general contractors must post worker safety information signs at construction sites where site safety training is required.
The signs must contain specific information about required worker safety training, including all site safety training deadlines and the number of required training hours, and the information must
be in all the languages used by workers to communicate at the construction site. In addition, the signs must be clearly visible to workers and must be posted at the construction site as follows: Sites with construction fencing must post a sign at each egress point on the inside of the construction fencing, including vehicle delivery fence gates and existing loading docks. Sites without construction fencing must post a sign at each egress point within the controlled access zone where construction is taking place and at each existing loading dock or location being used for construction delivery or access. To comply with the new requirements, the posted sign must:be 44 inches wide and 30 inches high; have letters at least 1 inch (25 mm) high; have white letters on a blue background.     We print all languages