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Sidewalk Shed Signs:
Must be posted at least 3 feet and no more than 6 feet from the left edge of the sidewalk shed parapet as viewed from the perspective of an individual on the sidewalk opposite the long axis of the sidewalk shed and facing the sidewalk shed Where a project information panel is also required the horizontal center of the sidewalk shed parapet panel must be in line with a vertical plane drawn through the horizontal center of the project information  Other than the project information panel and sidewalk shed parapet panel described above there shall be no sign information pictorial representation or any business or advertising messages posted on a sidewalk shed bridge fence or other protective structure that is erected at the construction or demolition site and visible to the public unless required otherwise required by Law. Signs required by law to be displayed at a construction or demolition site shall be posted within the site readily visible to workers such as no smoking signage and OSHA signage for workers.

Our fabrications are of the highest standards and we recognize the importance of this type of signage in the workplace and all our nyc construction signs comply with OSHA and ANSI standards. This process also reduces workers comp and workers disabilities cases by reminding the employees about the importance of safety on the Job-site subconsciously keeping them more alert.
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Welcome to NYC DOB Signs. Our construction signage in NYC consists of holders, protector panels all in one. We also fabricate D.O.T. Signs. Our signage is constructed to the highest standard. Job site signs and demolition signs are fabricated ranging from aluminum to high strength vinyl with scratch resistant polypropylene panels that are placed at the specific location on the construction site where the local building department requires permits to be posted in accordance with the terms of safety in the workplace which is important to employees today.


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NYC DOB Signs is a family-owned and operated business always has been and always will be. We fabricate construction site signage and DOB Signage for the Construction Industry and nothing else. NYC work in progress signs, construction signs, NYC Department of Buildings Signage compliant.

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